Amerigo Vespucci Museum of Exploration – Journey To The Irrational

During the era of the the Renaissance exploration was viewed as something more than just a physical undertaking, it was also thought of as a mental endeavor. The optimal way for one to express and prove that exploration is also a mental undertaking (especially during time of Amerigo Vespucci) is through mathematics. This project explores the mathematical principals behind rational and irrational numbers; demonstrating how a form can transform from something simple, orthogonal, and rational to a much more complex and irrational form.

This is accomplished by starting with an orthogonal form which can be created through a finite number of points and ending up as a perfect oval created by conic sections. Conic sections can only be created from an infinite number of points because a curve does not really exist; what truly exists is an infinite amount of points which we perceive as a curve. The symbol on the skin of the building is a sacred geometric figure known as Metatron’s cube; the formula for this cube was discovered slightly before the Renaissance and was the perfect 2-diminsional representation of everything this project explores.