Natural Exactitude

Italo Calvino, an Italian journalist (15 October 1923 – 19 September 1985) wrote six memos for the next millennium to be presented at Harvard University.  Calvino, however, died before he could finish writing the sixth memo, entitled “consistency”.  These “memos” comprised of the six conceptual ideas which he perceived to be essential coming into the new millennium. This project explores the third memo known as “exactitude.” In the discussion about exactitude Calvino proves that to be precisely exact, one must be exact down to the molecular level. He states that in reality the only thing that can be that precisely exact is nature; thus the concept of natural exactitude was born.

This project explores  the idea of exactitude It is complex design based off the logarithmic spiral (mathematical formula that constantly shows up in nature) with a simple skin and interior which do not detract from the main purpose and form of the building. The building serves the function of a natural hotel setting to which one can retreat when one needs to escape and relax.