This assignment was a group project for studio 402, “Comprehensive Building Design Studio.” We were to design an information hub for one of three areas of southeast D.C. The area we chose was “the Navy Yard.” The Navy Yard is an area of D.C. previously dedicated to the construction of navy ships. Considering the previous use of the site we decided to investigate the construction of a ship and utilize the ships main structural element (the ribs) to inspire our design. We realized that a more compelling design would be a sculptural representation of a ship’s ribs rather than a replica of the entire ship. The design of the site utilized four types of space: the main hub on the upper right corner of the site, an activity space on the upper left, a shade garden in the lower left and a sun garden in the lower right. The majority of the information would be received just outside the hub on touchscreen panels. The interior of the hub would consist of a bar dedicated to receiving specialty information, as well as a restroom.