Struggle – James Hoban Memorial

Awards: 2008 AIA Award of Merit.

This Spirit of Place design build project was completed in conjunction with Travis Price Architects. The project was constructed near the town of Callan, Ireland. The concept of the design represents the struggles and triumphs of James Hoban (architect of the U.S. White House) from his birth near Callan until he moved to the United States. The goal was to translate the idea of struggle and triumph to architecture; this is accomplished it in two ways. The first very subtle method of representing struggle to triumph is demonstrated with the stone wall at the back of the project. This wall begins as a very rough stone and ends as a white polished marble, as if to signify rough beginnings to fine endings. The second much more obvious and literal representation of struggle and triumph is demonstrated with words written on the scattered glass panes that one must walk through, like a maze, to reach the end of the memorial (which in a way also represents struggle to triumph). On each of these panes the word struggle is written in many different languages and as one progresses through the maze the words slowly become more triumphant.